About Munro Vision

About Munro Vision Systems

The company originated following a project between experienced users of vision systems in the automotive tier 1 field, wishing to find a generic system that could be deployed in many different applications, without the need to fund expensive bespoke software and hardware.

With years of experience using robot mounted systems, line scan conveyor systems and some very simple single camera verification systems the team developed the idea that generic multiple camera systems would deliver all the benefits they were looking for, but were unable to find a company that could offer a suitable package at an affordable price.

The team chose Clearview Imaging as a partner to develop their product, with the following guiding principles:

  • There should be no automated moving parts.
  • Machine reliability must be greater than 99.9%
  • Software should be generic and easy to use.
  • Hardware should be of the highest quality.
  • The product should be scalable (able to cope with small to very large applications).
  • Software and hardware should be tailored to low and medium volume batch manufacturing companies, but be versatile enough to work in product specific, high volume production lines.
  • The product should be the best value for money system on the market.

The systems are delivering incredible improvements in product quality and customer satisfaction, as well as sizable savings for companies that have managed to take the human judgement out of many of their inspection tasks whilst reducing costs by over 80%.

With the benefit of a generic system keeping capital outlay down, and with fast cycle times, the payback period for companies investing in these systems has been as low as 4 months.