Easy To Use

Simple to design, use, and program.

   Simple Design
Using our tried and tested generic template. A step by step approach to selecting, purchasing and integrating your new vision system: chart-steps
   Simple To Use
Using our tried and tested generic HMI. Its easy for your operators to select new programs, see live images, results, process instructions and respond to rejects.
screen-1 screen-2
   Simple To Program
Adding new parts and tests is easy. Using Matrox Design Assistant 4.0, an intuitive flow chart driven software package, you do not need to be a code writer to develop a new test. With simple training and use, anyone can add a new vision test, or edit an existing test. It is easy to copy and paste between programs. A program writing service is also available if you want to be completely hands off. For the most cost effective solutions, this can even be completed remotely via remote access. martox-software